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Mission Statement:

Twisted Bodies is dedicated to educating and preparing graduates of our program to “Train Bodies Intelligently”.  We believe that operating at the highest level of professional standards directly relates to overall performance in every aspect.  Twisted Bodies strives to deliver educational standards that align with both the Pilates Method Alliance and cutting edge science.  We pride ourselves on providing quality Pilates training that is affordable and accessible to the communities in which we thrive.  We operate our school through four core values, which build the foundation that makes both the school and students successful:

HONOR – Be courteous, mindful and true to yourself and others.

COOPERATION – Build a network of like-minded community members that may serve as a referral outlet as needed.

CONSISTENCY – Provide exceptional training and education at all times.

PASSION – Establish a genuine eagerness to continue learning and sharing your education with others.


The goals of our school are the following:

  • To expand the understanding of the Pilates Method to the Denton County community.
  • To develop exceptional continuing education programs for our community that integrate the most up to date anatomical and biomechanical information.
  • To provide Pilates training and education that is affordable and accessible to our community

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