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When I first joined Twisted Bodies almost 2 years ago, I was looking to mix up my work out because I was getting bored with cardio, the gym, and pretty much everything else in my life very quickly.  Little did I know how fast life would change.

My journey down the road to health began 10 years ago when I took my first yoga class.  I was your typical 21 year old.  Partying all night and cramming in education by day.  My lifestyle soon began to wear on me.  I had insomnia, my weight fluctuated back and forth between gaining and losing the same 15 lbs. and I was struggling with depression.  Slowly I began to make changes in my diet and exercise routine.  I traded sugary sodas for water, donuts for gluten-free granola, and weeknight parties for hours on the elliptical machine.  Within a couple years I had made lots of amazing changes for the better and I began to encourage healthy lifestyles for my friends and family.

Twisted Bodies Blog | January 1, 2016 | Denton Tx

Soon thereafter I became more focused on health and education, got my pharmacy technician license, and began working my way through school.  I finished my bachelor’s degree in biology at Texas Woman’s University and decided to stay for my Master’s degree in molecular biology.  Two years into my program, I still wasn’t completely sure what to do with my degree, until a series of events brought me to a juice bar in Austin with some friends while we were in town for the Austin City Limits musical festival.  I had been juicing for myself and friends for several years but it wasn’t until this particular trip that I said, “Someone should open a juice bar in Denton.”  Immediately my friends responded, “You should do it!” Of course I said, “Me? I’m a scientist; I don’t know how to run a business.”

Twisted Bodies Blog | January 1, 2016 | Denton Tx

This same series of events that brought me to the juice bar in Austin, also brought me to Twisted Bodies.  I wanted to change up my stale workout of running and weight lifting.  I tried out a few aerial classes and I was hooked.  During a private silks training session with Khristen, I told her about this pipe dream of opening an organic juice bar.  Once again I was immediately told, “DO IT!!” That it was a “great idea and that not only did people in this town want a juice bar, but they needed one!”  She also suggested that the local community market would be a good place to start.  With these encouraging words from friends and my knowledge of how juice is essential to molecular processes of the body, I set out to make my dream of combining science and juice happen.

For six months I brainstormed with friends, family, and focus groups. I incorporated the help of my sister, Ali, who has a business degree and an amazing knack for baking and my fiancé, Brandon, who has 20 years of business and construction management.  Together through hard work, determination and a mission to show people that healthy food doesn’t have to taste like the stigma of cardboard and lawn clippings, and that healthy CAN BE delicious, we launched our juice company at the Denton Community Market in spring of 2015, which eventually evolved into Juice Lab, a fully organic juice bar and natural bakery.

Twisted Bodies Blog | January 1, 2016 | Denton Tx

Now with our grand opening approaching in the next two weeks, we are focused on bringing that dream to life.  With over 50 juices, smoothies, tonics, and wellness shots, our menu can meet any nutritional need or dietary restriction, as well as satisfy even the most selective palettes.  For those looking for a deeper detox, our juice cleanses have three levels, from novice to experienced.  Along with our signature organic juices we also make a wide selection of natural baked goods, grab and go meals, snacks and a variety of vegan and raw foods.  We never use processed sugars, preservatives, artificial flavors or dyes in any of our foods, only wholesome real food with nutritional value.

Besides offering healthy, nutritious products, we also want to provide a service to the community through education on nutrition and wellness.  We will open our space for health professions, fitness and personal trainers, and any others in the community with a passion for healthy lifestyles to come and give talks and presentations at the store.  We are also planning on collaborating with local farmers, artists, and environmental programs to raise awareness in the community and support other local businesses.

Twisted Bodies Blog | January 1, 2016 | Denton Tx

And best of all, we get to be neighbors with Twisted Bodies!  I couldn’t be happier to have our store open next door to the same two ladies who encouraged me to go after my own dreams.  Seeing how happy Khristen and Carrisa are doing their jobs is an inspiration.  They have created a pink palace where there is an energy of strong, empowered women who are driven by the encouragement of each other.  They truly are doing what they love and who doesn’t want to make a living doing that?!   I am looking forward to offering a service that also helps promote a healthy lifestyle along with providing a positive message to the community through quality products and commitment to helping others.

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