Chelsea Koppel

Chelsea’s journey with pole and fitness began in Encinitas, California in 2015 after being told she was pre-diabetic and needed to make some lifestyle changes. She thought it would just be a fun weekend activity, but quickly fell in love with the mixture of art and sport that pole is. Having not been active since her childhood and the strength, flexibility, and stamina that pole brought to her, she fell in love.

After witnessing how life changing the sport was not only for her but for countless others she decided to pursue instructing to bring that same body confidence, sense of accomplishment, therapy, and community she felt and witnessed other people experience. Unfortunately living in California was far too expensive to make a career change, so here she is in lovely Denton, Texas.

  • Has only owned senior, special needs dogs.
  • Went on a 6 month road trip across America (goal to visit the remaining 23 states in the next 5 years).
  • Wants to go to college forever.
  • Struggles with a sugar addiction.


  • Foundational Movement internship
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Pole Fitness

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