If you have a question not listed here, feel free to email us at twistedbodiestx@gmail.com


Whaaat? No worries, we are always happy to schedule a tour to help familiarize you with the studio.  Simply call or email the front desk to schedule a convenient time.  

Otherwise, feel free to join us for a class and jump on in! View our class schedule here.

  • In front of studio.
  • Behind studio, use south alley access.
  • North of studio just past auto repair shop.
  • DO NOT Park at businesses South of studio.
  • After normal business hours and weekends, Jay’s Upholstery and AM Plumbing.
  • Beware of Towing Enforcement.
  • Check in with front desk.
  • Place personal items and shoes in lobby cubbies or Aerial Room cubbies.
  • NO SHOES past the lobby for sanitary purposes.
  • Unsure where to go?  Let the front desk know and they will direct you.
  • Mats and equipment are provided (you can use your personal mat).
  • Water bottle in a closed non-breakable container.
  • Towel for sweaty glow.
  • Toiletries and towel if using showers.
  • Dry hands/Grip aids for aerial & pole classes.
  • Socks for pole/aerial warm-ups.

Just start trying them out, some will fit your personality more than others.  But here is a quick guide.

  • FOR ALL CLASSES – start essential or intro even if you have been practicing for a while this lets us assess your needs and lets you get familiar with Twisted Bodies and our style of teaching.
  • Pilates Mat – start essential, make sure to regularly mix this into your workout, it will help EVERYTHING, we promise!
  • Pilates Reformer – essential is the way to go, there is a lot to learn about the equipment and not every reformer is made the same or equally.
  • Yoga – test them out and try them all, we have a variety of instructors and styles, it’s very eclectic so you’ll find something different about each class.
  • Pole – start with Intro, even if you have been practicing awhile, it lets us get familiar with your skill set and learn who you are as a mover.
  • Aerial – start with intro, even if you have been practicing for a while.  Because names of movements can vary coast to coast, region to region and style of technique is vastly different, this is a great way to begin to learn the Twisted Bodies language of movement.
  • Total Barre – Just jump in, teachers will provide modifications as necessary.
  • POUND – it’s intense just go for it and enjoy the fun of being a hot mess, laugh and enjoy burning calories, make new friends, and get rid of your frustrations.
  • EBAS – everyone should experience this class at least once!  You’ll appreciate it at any level.
  • TRX – start essential our instructors will ramp up your workout as needed. 

Not Sure? – Just ask! We are happy to help direct you to the most appropriate class to meet your goals and expectations.

  • Form fitted workout clothing is best.  This lets us see your alignment and make corrections as necessary.  
  • For Aerial, please make sure to have tights or leggings, a cotton blend is best.
  • For Pole, you will want shorts and a tank or sports bra.  More skin allows for better contact and grip to the pole.
  • Just make sure it’s comfortable for you and you feel good about yourself in it, we are not having a glamour show so no need to dress up for us.
  • FOR ALL CLASSES! Dress in layers, especially for Pole and Aerial, we do a lot of floor warm-ups so socks, pants, long sleeves, are a necessity.  YES, EVEN IN THE DEATH OF TEXAS SUMMER HEAT!

Make sure to arrive in the lobby 5 – 15 minutes before your class start time.  For safety reasons, we do not allow late entrance to classes for any reason. 

Entering late is unsafe for you, the class, and the instructor and extremely disruptive.

  • We do not provide childcare.
  • Let this be an escape for you and others from the duties of guardianship.
  • We do not allow children to wait in the lobby or in studio rooms.

Children ages 13 – 17 are allowed to take classes based on audition and assessment only.

Email us at twistedbodiestx@gmail.com

Please email us and make sure to send your cancellation 2 weeks prior to your next auto draft.

Once a payment has been processed, we do not issue refunds.  We are happy to credit your account for payment toward a different purchase.  Simply notify the front desk for assistance.

  • PLEASE refrain from taking any photos or video until the end of class.  
  • Be respectful of your classmates, they may not want to be on your social media, or they may not want a photo that day.  
  • DO NOT video or photograph any instructors while they are teaching.
  • Instructors have the right to request no phone, photos, videos, etc. at any time and may ask those who disregard to leave class.
  • We know you like to take pictures and we love seeing your progress when you tag Twisted Bodies in your social media posts, so be sure to share.

Email us and one of our directors will answer all of your questions and set up a tour.