The best part of our jobs as trainers is watching people make progress.  You hear us say it all the time, and we sound goofy with how excited we get when someone accomplishes a goal, but it is our honest reaction to the hard work your Twisted Bodies put in.  Who knows, you all may come in one day to pom poms, chants, and synchronized halftime routines!  We truly are that happy for you when long spine becomes your favorite in reformer, when chaturanga shows joy on your face, or your waving to us from the top of the pole.  It’s always so hard when it’s time to choose a featured client, you are all so inspirational and amazing that often times Carissa and Khristen end up playing name roulette.  However, this month (as we often do with our clothing) our choice matched without a discussion.  In a childhood moment of jinx, we both exploded with Christina!  The progress she has made physically is obvious in class, when a pull up used to be difficult, she is now climbing hand over hand with ease.  While that is impressive to most, what made the impression on all of us as trainers is watching Christina’s confidence blossom and smile grow, each time we up the anti her smile gets bigger.  So enjoy her story of success from bagels to pole climbs!

Twisted Bodies Blog | April, 2015 | Denton Tx

8 Hours A Day Eating Bagels!
I have never really been very active in my life. I’ve been told that I have natural athletic ability, but I was never able to pursue that. Being the child of an overprotective mother, I was lucky to play in the neighbors “chemically-treated” lawn. Growing up we even had a pool for a while, and swimming is absolutely a favorite of mine. The conditions were a minimum of 3 people so if my sister or I were to start drowning, and the 2nd happened to injure themselves in an effort to save the other, we could always have a 3rd person to be our back up. Being stuck inside so often is probably why to this day I have a deep love of TV and video games, along with a big fear of getting physically injured.

I recently graduated in May 2014 with a degree in Fashion Design. After that I went on to the real world with a big girl job, i.e. sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day eating bagels, or something like that. I wasn’t waiting tables anymore, on my feet running around constantly, and I was actually eating 3 meals a day. Which was great, all my hard work paid off. Then something weird happened that’s never happened to me before, months later the clothes I bought just after starting my job were incredibly tight. So much so I’d sit with them unbuttoned, and when I’d peel them off of me at the end of the day any design on the pants were imprinted on my legs for the remainder of the evening. It was very hard for me to accept that fact that I wasn’t a teenager anymore, and I’ve reached the point in my life where I need to make more conscious decisions about my body. I desperately didn’t want to have the same physical ailments as my inactive family members. I also could not give up fresh chocolate chip cookies and milk. Something needed to be done.

At first my plan was to sign up at a gym and pay someone to tell me how many reps on that and how many on this. Rinse repeat. It didn’t sound exciting but I figured that was what I would need to do to maintain my body. My boyfriend happened to come across Twisted Bodies one day when looking around Denton with his friend. He ran into Carissa kicking someone’s butt in a private and inquired about the classes. After that he strongly encouraged me that this was the place I needed to go. I went online and looked it up. It was perfect. The match I needed and the interest to keep me going. My first class was Pilates. I sweated so much, but felt so refreshed. I remember a girl asking me if I was staying for pole after and I let out a chuckle at the thought of surviving another class. I knew I had to come back and get better. My third class was Barre. Carissa’s Barre. That first time, I was so determined to be fit and beautiful I overworked myself in the first 20 minutes and I had to go outside to avoid puking. It took days for my legs to feel like, well… legs. Now, it is my favorite class because it is so intense, but the fact that it gets easier each time, reminds me of how far I’ve come.

I joined Twisted Bodies in October 2014 and I’m never leaving. I love it so much, that when my lease is up and I’m looking for a new home, Twisted Bodies will be a big part of my moving decision. I’m Denton born and raised, and loathe my daily commute to downtown Fort Worth, but living and working out in my hometown surrounded by all the inspiring people in my classes makes it all worth it. The instructors are so kind, and informative. I’ve seen a few new people come as the months pass, and they’re always so quiet. If you have a question, ask it. It will be answered and no one will make you feel foolish, ever. The instructors are not also great in everything they do, they truly are the most welcoming and encouraging people I’ve had the pleasure of encountering in my life. I highly recommend Twisted Bodies to any shape, size, or age; it is truly a godsend.

-Christina Bliss

Her Favorite 8

Favorite show

Game of Thrones and Broad City.

Hidden Talent

Calculus. I love math.

What she does when life gets stressful? 

Clean and reorganize everything.

Dream vacation

Traveling all over Europe. Visiting every beach and eating tons of food.

Historical figure she most identifies with   

Coco Chanel. Not a lot of people know that’s not her first name. She brought this masculine look to fashion and made beautiful hats. I’m a bit of tomboy, I own way too many hats, and my alter ego is my last name, Bliss. So I’m pretty much the same right?

If there were a soundtrack to her life

Pretty much what’s recently been added to my Spotify playlist. Going strong with 1,600 songs I love.

Beauty product she can’t live without  

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer and Stila Eyeliner. DO NOT make me choose between them.

Twisted Client She is most inspired by, and why


Kayla has got to be my biggest inspiration. She is not only crazy strong, but she moves so gracefully and fierce all at once, I aspire to be like that.