Karen Fortune

Karen has been teaching at Twisted Bodies since 2017. She is a Denton native who began attending Twisted Bodies first as a student seeking relief from back pain and other issues related to running. She quickly discovered a passion for not only Pilates and yoga, but also for aerial arts. This led her to the decision to train to become an instructor, allowing her to share her passion with others both in classes and one-on-one. Karen is dedicated to her own personal practice in Pilates, Yoga and aerial arts, always working to find ways to creatively challenge her clients. A group fitness instructor before coming to Twisted Bodies, Karen created the BootyBurn class at Twisted Bodies in 2019 – a fun fusion of Pilates, Barre and Bootcamp – after the success of her Build-a-Booty Workshop in 2018. She is a Teacher Training Mentor for students working on their Pilates certifications through the Twisted Bodies Teacher Training Program.

A wife to husband Jon, and mom to 3 boys, Karen is an avid adventurer who loves to travel and spend time outdoors whenever she can. An accomplished aerialist, she enjoys performing in various public and private venues.

  • Grew up in Denton.
  • Had a paper route as a first job.
  • Has run marathons, triathlons and half-marathons.
  • Loves Russian history.
  • Creates custom antiqued wooden signs.
  • Plays violin and piano.
  • Can’t roll her tongue.
  • Makes an amazing homemade chicken pot pie.
  • Can tango and waltz.
  • Has a phobia of open water and skunks.
  • Favorite place traveled so far: Peru!


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