Twisted Kids

Children learn the art of Aerial Silks, Lyra Hoop, AcroYoga, Yoga, Circus Pole, and more.

This program focuses on lessons of self-empowerment, anatomy, kinesiology, and self-care through the use of circus arts.  Our young circus students are quickly learn the power and magic of “HUP!”  Inside of our magic warehouse of wonder HUP stands for Higher Understanding and Performance.  It is our goal that your child always leaves class having learned a new unique circus skill or a new approach to a skill already taught (because learning should first be fun), a feeling of empowerment or accomplishment within themselves, and an appreciation for their body (what it can do and what it will be able to do one day).  Our approach is always to make learning fun, inclusive, and supportive.  Along with our number one rule of safety, we are hard pressed to encourage Twisted Kids to have self love and positive self talk, negative words and thoughts are not allowed and their peers are asked to help encourage each other on hard days.  Through this method of teaching our students find the the strength and beauty in their own personal “HUP!”

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