Morgahn Crawford

Morgahn Crawford considers herself a movement enthusiast and loves anything that gets your heart rate up. While in school she discovered the power of movement and how vital it was, not only for your psychical health, but for your emotional well- being as well. Once she realized the correlation between health and movement she sought out to obtain her E.B.A.S. certification, followed quickly by many others. Along with leading classes at Twisted Bodies, she is currently on a mission to combine her passions of entrepreneurship, dance, fitness and travel.

Always hyper-focused on the experience, Morgahn believes making fitness truly enjoyable will keep you coming back to movement time and time again.

  • Wants to learn how to free dive
  • Is an avid hula hooper
  • Is a proud Hufflepuff
  • loves watching hilariously bad movies like troll 2, the gate, the room etc.
  • Childhood dream job was to be a spy, joining the circus was her backup plan


  • B.F.A Dance and Choreography
  • E.B.A.S. level l
  • Pilates- Mat, Reformer
  • Barre Vida Master Instructor

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