Riagain Marais

Ríagáin Marais is a passionate instructor dedicated to studying and analyzing all types of movement. She first began her movement practice as a young teen in martial arts. After suffering a muscular injury in her back at 14, she found that eight years later, yoga and Pilates were the only exercise modalities that could keep her out of pain. As a result, she soon became dedicated to her yoga practice and realized that she wanted to be able to share both her love for yoga and Pilates, as well as the myriad benefits they had given her, with others.
Ríagáin began her teaching journey with yoga, and has continued steadily with barre and Pilates certifications (and she has many more on her list to accomplish!). She is dedicated to helping others improve their lives and strengthen their mind-body connection through these fitness modalities, and holds a special place in her heart for athletes and martial artists.

She works diligently in her personal movement practice to explore and learn as much as possible, in order to give all she can to her clients to challenge them to grow both physically, and mentally.

  • Has been to 25 states and grew up in 4 different states.
  • Is a classically trained pianist.
  • Can speak conversational French.
  • Reads history books and political commentaries for fun.
  • Is way too into drinking espresso.


  • Yoga Certification of Instruction, RYT 200
  • Complete Pilates Mat Certification of Instruction
  • Complete Pilates Reformer Certification of Instruction
  • Barre Vida Instructor Certification
  • Integrated Anatomy Certification of Instruction

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