Stacey Roberts

Stacey is a wife and mother of four boys. Sports were always a part of her life growing up, she was a gymnast for 10 years and
played basketball, volleyball, and soccer. She coached gymnastics for a few years but after getting married and starting a family
decided to stay home with the kids and homeschool.

Her passion for health and fitness grew even more as a busy mom, and helping others
feel their best physically and mentally became a priority. in 2018 she began teaching group fitness and motivating others to find formats
of movement that connect with them and help them to thrive. She believes variety in fitness is crucial for optimal health of both
the body and mind.

  • The second oldest of 9 kids.
  • Her basketball team once did a play in a National Basketball Tournament that involved her doing
    back handsprings down the court and landed them on 5 national tv shows.
  • Plays piano, guitar, and sings
  • Loves walking on her hands


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