Featured Client Tracy Cunningham ~ My Twisted Experience

Twisted Bodies Blog | June 12, 2016 | Denton Tx

Featured Client Tracy Cunningham ~ My Twisted Experience As we wander around our little D town we are often recognized by others as “The Twisted Twosome” or “Those Pilates People” and often “Aren’t you the pole dancer girls?”  Yes, yes we are.  We are all those things, and more.  What people don’t realize is we […]

8 Hours A Day Eating Bagels! – Featured Client Christina Bliss

Twisted Bodies Blog | March, 2015 | Denton Tx

The best part of our jobs as trainers is watching people make progress.  You hear us say it all the time, and we sound goofy with how excited we get when someone accomplishes a goal, but it is our honest reaction to the hard work your Twisted Bodies put in.  Who knows, you all may […]

Journey – Featured Client Marti Cason

Twisted Bodies Blog | February, 2015 | Denton Tx | Marti Cason

As trainers we get the opportunity to help wonderful people on their journey through life.  Khristen and Carissa rarely refer to it as a fitness journey, simply because fitness is only one aspect of the big picture.  Pilates and Yoga are referred to as a mind body exercise because so much mental and emotional experience […]

Featured Client Shannon Kniss – I am a big girl….IT’S JUST AN ADJECTIVE

Twisted Bodies Blog | November, 2015 | Denton Tx

his month’s featured client is someone so very special to my heart, for so many reasons.  She’s not our featured client because we share the same last name or because we fight over gifts at the Kniss family gift exchange.  Shannon is our featured client because we have watched not only her physical journey for […]

Featured Client Heather Perry – Pinned, Pickled and Twisted!

Twisted Bodies Blog | September, 2015 | Denton Tx | Lindsey Lambert | Heather Perry

Pinned, Pickled and Twisted. So where to begin with this title, well lets start with the first two.  I am a Biology PhD candidate at the University of North Texas.  My research focus is aquatic entomology and stream ecology, so in other words I spend a lot of my work life outside hiking creeks and collecting insects, […]

Ms. Amy You’re About To Get Your ASS KICKED! – Featured Client Amy Murrell

Twisted Bodies Blog | June, 2015 | Denton Tx

The first time I heard the words, “Ms. Amy, you’re about to get your ass kicked,” I was a graduate student, working as a behavior tech in a school for seriously emotionally disturbed children. The person who said it was WAY more than twice my weight and nearly twice my height; and, well, as soon as I […]

From Cattle Rancher to Pole Star – Featured Client Katie Deering

Twisted Bodies Blog | April, 2015 | Denton Tx | katie

It’s funny to watch not only the physical transformation our clients make, but also the one within their soul.  As the physical body changes we start to see people’s heads held higher, shoulders back, smiles on their faces and a glow about their eyes.  The confidence in their accomplishments with their physical self starts to […]

Why I am a Twisted Groupie! – Featured Client Kayla Marie

Twisted Bodies Blog | November, 2014 | Denton Tx | Kayla Marie

Why I am a Twisted Groupie!   I began my journey as a Twisted Groupie back in January 2014. I was fat and horribly unhappy. I had never really been that big before and I hadn’t even realized how big I had actually gotten and how quickly it had happened. I found out how much weight […]

On The Road To Untwisting My Body – Featured Client Sheila VanBree

Twisted Bodies Blog | July, 2014 | Denton Tx | Van Bree

When Khristen and Carissa decided to begin the client of the month article many clients came to mind.  However, one client in particular stood out for many reasons.  We love to watch our clients transform, increase strength, flexibility and most of all the emotional and mindful transformation that takes place.  We see people grow and […]