Twisted Bodies is dedicated to educating and preparing graduates of our program to “Train Bodies Intelligently”.  We believe that operating at the highest level of professional standards directly relates to overall performance in every aspect.  Twisted Bodies strives to deliver educational standards that align with both the Pilates Method Alliance and cutting edge science.  We pride ourselves on providing quality Pilates training that is affordable and accessible to the communities in which we thrive.  We operate our school through four core values, which build the foundation that makes both the school and students successful.

“We pride ourselves on providing quality training that is affordable and accessible.”

Cancellation policy:

If a student cancels their workshop or course enrollment less than 14 days prior to the start date of the workshop or course, there will be no refund of monies paid. When the student cancels their enrollment with greater than 14 days notice an administration fee of 20% of the total course fee will apply.

Be courteous, mindful and true to yourself and others.

Build a network of like-minded community members that may serve as a referral outlet as needed.

Provide exceptional training and education at all times.

Establish a genuine eagerness to continue learning and sharing your education with others.​


I just completed the Yoga Teacher Training program at Twisted Bodies and I can honestly say that it has been a life-changing experience. This is one of the few intensive teacher training programs in North Texas and I have no doubt in my mind that it is the best one by far. In two weeks I have learned more than I ever thought was possible. The instructors (and owners of the studio), Carissa and Kristen are some of the most intelligent and genuine women I have met. They take turns teaching the curriculum and it is clear that they are both passionate about what they do. I feel completely competent teaching yoga after this course. We put a lot of focus on the anatomy and science of yoga as well as the history and the Eastern philosophy behind the practice, so not only have I taken a step forward on a spiritual journey but I have also gained enough knowledge of the human anatomy to work with all different types of bodies both safely and intelligently. I highly recommend this program to anyone who may be interested in teacher training. You will not find any institution that is more welcoming, unique, and accepting of their students. I am so happy about the connections I have made here and I can’t wait to continue working with these amazing people! Much Love!! – Maddie H.

Teacher training at Twisted Bodies is unlike anywhere else. Before I even registered, Carissa took the time to sit down and talk with me about my goals, and give me reasonable career expectations. Each TT I’ve attended has included a functional anatomy emphasis, as well as anatomical terms and positions to accurate detail posture analyses and exercise positions. We cover special populations, and how to modify for just about anybody! Of course we also study the history of Pilates, so we can understand the root purpose of the exercises and why they’re so important. Every training has gone step by step through the study materials, followed immediately by practicing the exercises and poses, and time for questions and workshopping. On the last day, we review the material to be tested on to make sure each student feels prepared and knows what might be left to study before a written exam. There are lots of opportunities for practice teaching in the courses themselves, and then afterwards with student teaching hours and shadow teaching. I’ve never learned anything in a teacher training that didn’t help me at some point while teaching a group class or a private session, and each training I’ve walked away with at least one lesson plan ready to go already. After training, it’s really only the beginning though. Carissa & Khristen are basically always available for questions about teaching techniques, anatomy, reviewing exercises- or anything movement based I can come up with! They always have very thoughtful answers and recommendations for further self-study. I’ve also asked countless business-related questions that they’ve been a trustworthy source for. They cultivate an environment of humility and learning within their studio, so you always feel welcome to ask other instructors about their experiences as well. If it weren’t for TwistedBodies, I doubt I’d be a Yoga & Pilates instructor at all- let alone be building my career in this field. I don’t think I’d even know it was possible. – Riagain