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Our Signature Workshops


Ever play airplane as a kid? Well this is WAY more fun! Learn to climb, balance, transition and make shapes with the use of a human prop. Warm-up will include weight sharing, partner stretching, and how to communicate safely and effectively with your partner. All workshops progress based on the strength and skill level of its participants and will include beginner poses such as front fly, back fly, plank and jedi box.

Yoga Inversions and Arm Balances

This workshop will challenge you to become your most present, available, rockstar self! We'll explore everything you would expect from the more challenging side of yoga from crow pose to headstands to transitions. Warm-up will include exploring weight shifts, core, shoulder and arm exercises. All workshops progress based on the strength and skill level of its participants.

Get floored

In this dance inspired workshop you'll move, roll, melt, and transition smoothly in and out of the floor. Learn the art of under curves, over curves and weights shifts to move seamlessly through transitions. We'll explore all levels of movement and complete a short phrase of choreography incorporating the techniques utilized throughout the workshop.

Split It Out

Really WOW the crowd with your splits technique! Learn to move balance and transition into various splits in this very flexy workshop. This is not a split training/flexibility workshop (we suggest you already have a full split prior to registering) however we will include a dynamic warm-up and discuss injury prevention and recovery.

Pole Flips and tricks

Let's flip! In this workshop you'll learn the anatomy, technique and breakdown of flips. Working from the ground up everyone will find a level of success and be further challenged through this progressive workshop. This workshop is perfect for advanced essential level through experienced. This is not an intro level workshop.


Wanna bounce that booty like a basketball? Learn to roll, pop, move and groove with Ms. Hypnotic Booty herself...Kayla. In this workshop you'll learn the basics of isolations, figure 8's and poppin' and droppin'. At the end of the workshop all that shaking will be combined into one sexy sassy twerkalicious routine! It's a fine art...or just come get a good laugh!

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